Installing the Tools:

Most if not all the tools require db.ini filled out correctly. See an example below:


The next step it to download my
This program once installed allows my tools to access any MySQL database












Everquest Item Editor and Character Inventory Editor 15.01.01

Everquest Item Editor and Character Inventory Editor , Latest 10/15/16. This is perhaps the second most used tool besides the npc&loot editor. As the title states, it allows editing of existing items, and also allows replicating (copying) as well. Spell effects can be added to any item. The tool supports loading of your toons and equipping from pre-made inventory templates, or equipping via single item queries. Bots are also supported, and just like regular toons, you can manage their inventory.
You can download a copy HERE



Welcome to the new eqemulator tools on this new site

Latest OCT 15, 2016 -- Updated eqitems and npcloot editor to recent schema

Updated All tools- Support for newer character fields. It supports the latest Akkas PEQ Server Installer







Database Editing Tool Suite

Database Editing Tool Suite - , Latest 10/15/2016 -- This suite contains the following tools:
- NPC and Loot Editor
- Grid Editor -- Ability to create and edit grids for pathing
- Spawn Editor  --Ability to manage loot drops very easily
- TradeSkill Recipe Editor 1.0.6 -- Manage tradeskill recipes
- Zone & Adventure Editor -- Manage Adventure zone (copying entire zones with spawns)
  You can download a copy





Diablo Random Loot Tool ver 3.4

This is a 100% rewrite and this tool allows careful editing of loot-drops and mass assigment of loot to selected NPC's. It's intelligently designed so you have total control over all aspects.
You can download a copy HERE
. Please look at the help/videos section to understand this tool.

Spell Encyclopedia and Media

Spell Encyclopedia and media  Latest 4/11/11  - This tool enables one to view spell particle effect graphics using the included Ailia's Spell Editor. It's a BIG 114MB download.
You can download a copy HERE




Weapon Encyclopedia and Media

Weapon Encyclopedia and media new! Latest 9/18/11  - This tool enables one to view weapon graphics, shields, human face,arm,body textures. It's a Medium size 105MB download. Now with SoF,Underfoot, and House of Thule Eq Expansion Items!
You can download a copy HERE



Run register_ocx.bat found in the resources folder. This will register the ocx in your OS. If an OCX fails, then you can register them manually

regsvr32 a.ocx
regsvr32 DXAnimatedGIF.ocx
regsvr32 imagelist.ocx

open a command prompt as an
Administrator and register
them manually



Other Misc Tools

Want to test your MySQL connection with my vb tools, then download this tester and see if it connects to your database. If it does, then your ODBC drivers are good.

I also have the full source to my tools as well. Please be adviced, the download is around 350Mb. You should be warned, some of the tools have thousands of lines of code, and probably won't work out of the box. These are provided as reference for you.



















































Recent Version History

Diablo Items Stats Randomizer
- 1.1.3 - Search for items uses partial name now
- 1.1.2 - First Release

EqEmu Media Encyclopedia
- 1.0.5 Added all the weapons and shields from SoF eq Expansion -- thanks to Trevius for the pictures.
- 1.0.2 Added all the weapon pics I could find. There are now just under 500 in the list. More Helms and cloaks are being added soon.

ServerStats 1.1c , Latest 5/19/08
- 1.1c Fixed error when loading accounts. Some characters without Blobs crashed the program. Hopefully this fixes the issue
- 1.1b Fixed capital reference to tables when they should be lowercase
- 1.1a Initial Release. Made database backup with option to bail out. Register the ocx's with the attached register_ocx.bat file in resources folder or else problems will occur

Everquest Item Editor and Character Inventory Editor
- 14.10.2 - Updated to use newer repack and character tables (non blobs). A large rewrite.
- 14.5.6 - Updated to use newer icons from last expansion
- 14.5.5 - Updated to use older OS version besides Win7 SP1
- 14.5.1 - Updated icons due to a frame shift. Redid the entire icon set!
- 14.5.0 - Updated for the latest rev 1542 schema and fixed bug where toons with high table id's would not load. The variable was changed to long to fix it.
- 14.4.18 - Found a bug when adding spell effect. The program still referred to the old text file and now it uses the database exclusively!
- 14.4.16 - Minor update. Fixed SOF icons so they are now the proper background and updated iconviewer added with this release.
- 14.4.15 - Added support for SOF's extra icon set. These view ok, but have the 'pink' border around them due to no transparency added yet.
- 14.4.14 - Changed sql to use `range` with quotes since it's a reserved word in mysql. Saving items should now work.
- 14.4.13 - Some OS's don't run the music right and cause an automation error. Now you can turn off music at the splash screen. Added error checking for this.
- 14.4.12 - Exporting of search list is added.
- 14.4.11 - Added support for the new BOTS system. Old one is discontinued. Rerun register_ocx.bat if the music does not play. Added support for win7 32/64bit
                 Added BOT editing and equipping. Must have compatible bot tables. A copy of this schema is called bots.sql in resources folder.
                     This sql is same as PEQ revision 781
- 14.4.7 - Fixed up SQL for old edit 
- 14.4.6 - Sped up loading of spells and toons 100x. Added toon query where large populations of toons exist. Many requested minor features added
- 14.4.5 - Added a copy of the spells table if you are missing it. The file is in resources/ The Item editor uses this table
- 14.4.4 - A few changes to old edit and formatting issues as requested. Error reporting included now when receiving an error in new-edit window!!
- 14.4.2 - Enabled editing of toon profile structs - click and look in load character - there click on profile editor. Back up your toons!
- 14.4.1 - Fixed a copy item bug and verified compat. with db ver .292
- 14.4.0 - Added support for items table SVN schema 292 i.e change all columns from `augslotxunk` to `augslotxvisible`
- 14.3.2 - Fixed crash when running db schema 245 -" ..requires refresh" error. This was caused by a variable declaration (Integer, when required Long)
- 14.3.0 - Fixed profile when copying a toon to another account.
- 14.2.9 - Added feature to copy and paste toons to another account. Very easy and simply to use.
- 14.2.6 - Fixed issue of Slot select=ALL and not saving correctly. Should work now.
- 14.2.4 - Added ammo slot to editor and fixed Bots and Bots' inventory equipping and saving. A few other minor fixes.
- 14.2.3 - Added ability to search for items dropped by zone. Goto advanced options, then select zone. Currently you need to type in the short zone name
- 14.2.2 - Personal equip allowed for multiple slot items, and Bard skills fixed
- 14.2.1 - Added ability to have multiple slots per item. No personal equip allowed for multiple slot items - this will be added in next release
- 14.2.0 - Updated Interface using Trevius' Button Skins and fixed a few minor issues
- 14.1.6 - Minor revision, fixed saving of lore
- 14.1.4 - New minimize button added (top right hand corner) - Changed the NoRent display so it should be correct now
- 14.1.2 - New Edit button is now functional. Many little changes and fixes
- 14.0.2 - Changed to a newer edit form - this is currently view only (click on 'new edit') Many little changes for this big (pre)release
- 14.0.1 - Changed the search by item/id on main screen. Search by class/slot now on advanced page - These were done via requests
- 13.9.4 - Added ability to find items by either partial name or a list of comma delimited id's - Click on advanced button to access the panel
- 13.9.3 - Added icon support for all current live icons
- 13.9.2 - Added a refresh function for grid editor and changed column fonts. Very minor cosmetic updates
- 13.9.1 - Added generic search in grid editor. Click on expand to show the options
- 13.9.0 - Enhanced Item Editing and many many little fixes. Eqitems works on Vista32! Supports loading of Many Characters on an account now!
- 13.5.9 - Fixed loregroup display; Changed appearance slightly so program window has a border - by request.
- 13.5.7a - Missing icons are now added. Newest items had icons not available before, so program should run fine now. Icons folder has 2400+ icons now!
- 13.5.7 - Fixed missing icons issue. Some high end items have missing icons
- 13.5.6 - No rent editing has been fixed. - thanks to Trevius's help
- 13.5.5 - Made minor changes to editing to make it more robust
- 13.5.3 - Hopefully editing charges now works. Tried it with potions and Journeyman's boots and appears to work ok. Use register_ocx.bat to register OCX's
- 13.5.2 - Enhanced color editing by adding interactive sliders. All color changes must be applied to be saved as normal. Item Charges still presents a problem
- 13.5.1 - Fixed editing colors in quick edit panel. Darg/Drop items should work now on empty slots. Added idfile tag to display over icon (mouse hover)
- 13.5.0 - You  can now edit items in a Table/Grid - Click on button "Grid Item Edit" and execute query. All edits are LIVE!.
- 13.4.6 - You can now change item name on main form and delete items directly without going into the edit panel.
- 13.4.5 - Added Ability to Change/Edit Colors of Items. Click on the little black/or color box next to Item Icon to Edit.
- 13.4.3 - Added Bane dmg vs bodytype and race and elemental dmg vs. as well
- 13.4.2 - Added diety editing (with correct binary). Added Ability to make x copies of an item (still a bit slow!)

Merchant  Editor is now integrated with and NPC and Loot Editor. This makes the stand alone obsolete.
ver 1.6.10  Added code to fix merchants with items in non contiguous slots
ver 1.6.9  Changed code to handle large list imports and appending to merchants. Code runs about 2x faster now
ver 1.6.8  Added checks to see if empty merchantlist exists. This is important when importing and appending items to merchants
ver 1.6.6  Code checked for bugs and minor enhancements.
ver 1.6.5  In item search box, you can now Multi Select and find ALL selected items sold by merchants AND Delete Multi-Selected Items now - per request.
               Also, searches by number and range are accepted i.e 1000 or 1000-1050 are valid
ver 1.6.0  You can now find who sells a specific item and also be able to delete specific items from all merchants - feature request
ver 1.5.0  You can now import custom items and assign to merchants - The list must use format itemname <tab> itemid etc.. - refer to items.txt in resources folder from eqitems editor
ver 1.3.2  Removed the Stop statement from a previous debug session.
ver 1.3.0  Added code to anticipate databases with no merchants. Prevents error during repair process.
ver 1.2.0  Better functionality for MySQL 5.x and better fixing (smarter) of bad Merchants (i.e NPC merchants without merchant id's or merchantid's without correct references)

Quest Editor
ver 1.2.5 Fixed the error that crashed the program. Cause was due to SOD zones and very long descriptors
ver 1.2.4 SummonItem is now correct in the syntax
ver 1.2.3 Reverted back to MovePC syntax
ver 1.2.2 Interface Changes - made quest editing a bit more robust
ver 1.2.1 Added case for $client->MovePC, and a few changes to the interface
ver 1.2.0 Removed animated gif reference. Added keywork 'SetTarget' to its dictionary
ver 1.1.9 Program will report syntax error if db.ini has problems and db.ini parser redone
ver 1.1.8 Changed syntax capitalization for a few other words.
ver 1.1.7 Changed syntax capitalization for CastSpell - thanks Trevius!
ver 1.1.6 Some code revisions
ver 1.1.5 Clicking on empty grid no longer crashes program 
ver 1.1.4 Apostrophes in filenames are changed to dashes. Fixed this issue - Thanks for the tip Grundy!
ver 1.1.2 (Fixed codesense ocx by adding it to resources folder. Register is before running program using included register_ocx.bat file in resources folder)


ver 3.4 (Nov-3-2014) - Few minor tweaks, and changes to % now reflect 0-100 rather than 0-1.
ver 3.1 (Oct-22-2014) - Release of the newest version, 100% rewrite from ground up
ver 1.9.0 (Oct-10-14) - Support for database Akkas Repack
ver 1.8.0 (Nov-24st-12) - Support for database loot schema rev 2214+
ver 1.7.5 (Sep-21st-12) - Support for lootdrop_entries expanded table made
ver 1.7.2 (Sep-10th-09) - added support for >5 items per lootdrop - to a max of 32
ver 1.7.1 (Mar-30th-08) - added by default a option for number of items per lootdrop by huge demand. (number can range from 1-100)
ver 1.6.0 (Oct-13th-07) - Fixed an inadvertant bug caused by the previous version. Random Items of id=0 resulted and now is fixed. Fixed how custom items are added/used/cleared
ver 1.5.0 (Aug-10th-07) - Custom item lists are supported. Item editor exports the searched items in resources folder, a file called eqitems.txt
ver 1.4.0 (Dec-25th) Query Tool fixed so that it returns more accurate results when using AND or OR's
ver 1.3.2 (October-5th) 1HS weapons now drop!
ver 1.2.2 (September-18th compile)  like loot drops [Random loot (by category and mob level), with FULL db undo
        New - added a tool to extract the item you want - created by huge request!  - basically people wanted a way to match item difficulty with the level of the NPC - Now you can!

EQ Database Backup Restore 1.0.1 , Latest 7/28/06
-Totally rewrote the tool. It now uses specific folders for backups and more robust backup/restore tools

Spawn Editor is now integrated with and NPC and Loot Editor. This makes the stand alone obsolete.
Spawn Editor 7.15.1 -Fixed MySQL 5.x compatibility issues and added code to remove the process from memory once program quits.
Spawn Editor 7.12.0 -Fixed crash when clicking on an empty grid
Spawn Editor 6.12.0 -Fixed issue with startup crash when looking into variables table and not finding a result when varname='DBVersion'
Spawn Editor 6.11.02 -fixed condition field for EQEmu-0.7.0-806 compliancy (ignore condition field to prevent incompatibility issues with 0.6.6)
Spawn Editor 6.11.00 -fixed issue of creating a new spawngroup. Program should now handle both cavedudes and peq database schemas properly

NPC and Loot Editor

09.02.02 -Added support for newest fieldsin npc_types as requested.
09.02.01 -Made the tool compatible with Akkas Repack from EQEmu, plus fixed misc issues.
09.01.02 -Added support for new loot schema. This tool supports databases rev.2214+ Only.
08.25.10 -Added support for lootdrop_entries expanded table.
08.25.09 -Added ability to add LOOTDROP_ID's to all NPC's in grid, and you can also delete (undo)
08.25.07 -Updated to use older OS version besides Win7 SP1
08.25.04 - Making compatible with database rev 1834
08.25.01 - Adding/Removing of NPC's to all selected spawngroups is added. Resetting respawntime to selected spawngroups is also added. Look in spawngroup editor under tools
08.24.12 - Added NPC Tint creation tool - under special menu item. You can now create custom looking npc's.
08.24.11 - Fixed saving of spawn2 table when version#<>0. Spawn2 table in editor has full functionality - all fields editable.
08.24.00 - Large update. Changed color scheme and now several buttons added for interactive editing. Many many enhancements.
08.23.10 - Fixed view with field editor - it now displays the selected field. Also allow the use of negatives.
08.23.00 - Updated spawngroup editor and fixed a bug not showing all spawngroups. NPC editor now can filter directly.
08.22.15 - Changed Equipped to NO by default.
08.22.10 - Tool automatically checks for and add 'version' field to npc_types table if it's missing.
08.22.09 - Fixed error/crash when creating new NPC's.
08.22.08 - Fixed spawngroup search window so npc's can be searched by partial name. A zone need not be specified if a global search 
08.22.07 - Added more functionality and hopefully fixed the issue with schema compat in Linux vs. Windows
08.22.05 - Beefed up error checking for the Zone & Adventure Editor
08.22.04 - Incorporated a Zone & Adventure Editor - under special window menu. This is used for Adventure zone copying and also for normal zones
08.22.03 - Changed way the Distribution of Loot occurs in the Distribute loot feature. Loot will now cycle over and over.
08.22.02 - Fixed code in spawngroup section to prevent duplicate spawngroups.
08.22.01 - Redid sql for spawngroup editor. It's about 1000x faster now.
08.22.00 - Editor is compat with SoF -- weapon and shield images are updated from the weapon encyclopedia!
08.21.20 - Fixed query error when making a npc with the built in tool. Also checked to make sure editor is compat with peqdb_1129Rev458
08.21.19 - Added support for roambox editing in spawngroup table
08.21.18 - SpawnEditor is modifed so it does not overwrite "existing" roambox data. This is the first of two parts. The second part will support creation of roamboxes
08.21.17 - SpawnEditor is re-coded for a more stand-alone mode
08.21.16 - Database schema compatibility for rev245
08.21.15 - Removed 'timeleft' field from spawn2 as required by the emu source. Errors are likely if you have not updated your database schema
08.21.14 - Removed 'isbot' query since people still had crashes.
08.21.13 - Changed the query that game players error that mentioned 'isbot' field is missing, despite having it in the table
08.21.12 - Added code to fix merchants with items in non contiguous slots
08.21.11 - Made grid editing more robust and you can now create new grids from empty zones. Minor features added throughout program
08.21.10 - Changed lootdrop button configuration by request
08.21.09 - Added support for Backing up your Account and Toons, Inventory and many other tables. Restore is also built in!
08.21.08 - Changed the sql to query for isbot differently. Should prevent the error some people get when no bots have been made
08.21.07 - Cosmetic Change - Centered the Fields in main display.
08.21.06 - Added a new Copy NPC method. Similar to old method except allows npc-ids to be specified by single or by range
                Also keep in mind this program requires the 'isbot' field in npctypes table. Program will now check for it.
08.21.04 - Added a item stat viewer - Under menu item 'Special/show item stats'. You can view you npc's items and also in the new search item window!
08.21.03 - Added ability to Backup and Restore Bots (including all inventory, and associated tables) - good if you rebuild your database.
               Weapon&Shield Models- now fully integrated with the NPC & Loot editor - finally!!!  - (under tools menu)
               Added feature to add weapon/shield graphics to NPC's - This is in table fields called "Pri. Weapon Model" and "Sec. Weapon Model"
                  - Simply type in the new number and a graphic of the item will show in the program!
08.21.01 - Reduced Memory Footprint by 5Mb, also continuation of changing eq theme skin to other windows within tool
08.21.00 - Overhauled interface for quicker editing!
               Merchant editor - now fully integrated with the NPC & Loot editor - finally!!!
               Ability to view and edit loot on an zone wide basis!
               Ability to change a NPC into a Merchant with real merchant ids on the fly!
               Ability to Wipe a zone of all npcs!
               Much enhanced Item search with a buffer and a special advanced search!
               Ability to search for all npc's by Level!!
               New control buttons made by Trevius!
               New Loot assignment feature - -- This allows one to import a list of items and assign them as loot to the npc's in the search criteria,
                       It's NOT random loot, but assigned by an item list that you control. So, let's say you load in all 60-75lvl npc's which have not loot.
                       You can now assign specified loot to them. Great for zones with npc's with no loottables! You control # item/npc and % drop.
              Ability to FIX ALL bad merchants (i.e no merchant id's or merchants with class=41 and missing merchant links!!!)
              Change NPC to FULL aggro to all

08.20.12 - Added 'Find all loot for a ZONE' (editable fields) under tools and many little enhancements everywhere.
08.20.11 - Added error checking to search button. If an error occurs it will display the npc id. A solution is to fix the NPC's bad field entry.
08.20.10 - Fixed crash when copying npc's then viewing spells
08.20.09 - Spawngroup creating now picks up the selected npc when clicked. Use pick up and reload button.
08.20.08 - Fixed saving Grid bug. Now the correct grid will be updated and not the last one as before.
08.20.07 - Added function to WIPE spawns from a zone. This deletes all spawns from SPAWN2,SPAWNENTRY,SPAWNGROUP, GRID, GRID_ENTRIES
                It does NOT delete the actual NPCs from npc_types.
08.20.06 - Added numeric sort to ShowNpc Spell list  spell list id, and tidied up some columns. Minor bug fixes.
08.20.04 - NPC edit columns are again moveable.+ Fixed npc creation error.
08.20.02 - Fixed reporting error when #grids=0, Changed the way spell file is loaded.
08.20.00 - Tonnes of changes and enhancements. Now - Now Incorporated in Loot editor is Grid Editing and SpawnGroups. Many Many features added...
08.00.01 -Big update. Vista32 compat. and Race pictures load for each NPC. Under Tools/View race pictures and View special attacks added. NPC editing with Race pics added
07.39.01 -Big and in areas subtle changes. Pictures to NPC's are a work in progress, program now uses correct spell text reference file (same as eqitems)
07.32.01 -Slight Tweak to table lootdrop  query
07.32.00 -Made improvements to loottable and lootdrop generation.
07.31.01 -Made the program compatible with new PEQ database via Cavedudes 4.0 installer (Copying NPC's had crashed before, but fixed now)
07.31.00 -Added a "loading..." indicator when loading spell-lists. On most user's systems - this could load in 10 seconds or less.
07.30.00 -Added ability to create and manage spell lists for NPC's
07.21.00 -Added a new splash screen and added support for Magoth's Eq Offline RAID and BOTS editing. You can now create Raid Bots easily - Use Tools/Identify ALL RAID/BOTS and NPC Editing Tool!

TradeSkill Recipe Editor
1.0.6 -Container code fixed for specific databases
1.0.5 -Container work better and you can now add rows. Container id can now be used. Forges use item#17 as do other items
1.0.4 -Finally got around to change the color scheme and subtle layout change
1.0.3 -Fixed bug when creating brewing recipes
1.0.2 -Changes minor colors on interface and fixed replace_container not being able to be edited. Copy/Paste are now buttons
1.0.1 -Fixed error when creating new recipe
1.0.0 -Redid front interface so no more tabs, and added copy/paste ingredients function too.
0.3.0 -Fixed issue when same name Ingredients are used (i.e Bone Chips have many id's). Program uses item_id rather than name and stores this item id in col.5 in the ingredients grid.
0.2.1 -TABCTL32.OCX error? You must register the provided ocx with included resources/register_ocx.bat

Grid Editor - this tool is depreciated, and will be removed from here. It's now part of npc & loot editor
9.16.3 - Fixed saving Grid bug. Now the correct grid will be updated and not the last one as before.

Database SQL Query Tool 1.2.0
-Added SQL Export Options - REPLACE INTO or INSERT INTO by request
Database SQL Query Tool 1.1.2
-Firmed up sql query integrity formatting
-Added multi-selection functionality - for exporting selection to txt or sql. If no selection exists, entire grid is exported
Database SQL Query Tool 1.1.0
-Added sql export.


I found all connection issues happen when people use ip addresses such as, 66,23,55,11 etc.. This REQUIRES a new account in mysql. You typically don't have a problem when you set up an account on So what to do? The one reason for this is the installer usually assumes localhost or

In my mysql table 'user', I have the following table data. (passwords shown hashed/encrypted)


%  root  is a global account I set up that accesses anytable without a password. Generally used for troubleshooting.
is my test account that enables 'david' from his pc @ to access mysql
is another user that runs queries from the local machine (same machine as mysql is installed)

So how do we set up a new user on a remote server? (let's say ip with mysql on it)

Run mysql.exe and type in you account info

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO yournewuser@'';
where yournewuser@''; can be david@'';
for example -

SET PASSWORD FOR 'yournewuser'@'' = PASSWORD('mypass');
for example - SET PASSWORD FOR 'david'@'' = PASSWORD('test');


Your db.ini would then be - 



Is the user and mysql on the same local machine( 

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO yournewuser@'localhost';
for example - GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO david@'localhost';

SET PASSWORD FOR 'yournewuser'@'' = PASSWORD('mypass');
for example - SET PASSWORD FOR 'david'@'
localhost' = PASSWORD('test');

Your db.ini would then be - 


Now verify the account changes in mysql

USE mysql;
SELECT host,user,password FROM user;

In this case below, we observe the new account is added.